Web Solutions

Core Services – at a Glance

  • Website Development

    Internet web today is our virtual world, as everything is taking place over internet web and almost everything today can be done through internet web, so you simply can dream, and our role is to make your dream come true.


      • Slideshow & Photo Gallery
      • Video, audio, pictures archive
      • Control Panel: to fully administrate your website: update, upload, add, change, delete, etc.
      • Newsletter
      • Chat support
      • Feedback page
      • Contact us page with Google map
      • Bilingual website (Arabic & English)
      • Compatible with Smart Phones
      • Categories and subcategories for your products and services
      • Projects Viewer: to display projects completed and in progress
      • Browsing System: to browse your products and services effectively with professional studio-made photos and videos
      • Advertising system: to sell spaces at your website to advertisers
      • Section to view the latest news related to your company
      • Search Bar: to search for anything at your website
      • Add section for featured stories and hot prices
      • FAQ page: Page for frequently asked questions
      • Add Google, Yahoo or Bing Search Bar at your website

  • E-Commerce Solutions

    E-commerce is the present and the future of business and it is the trend that will change all lines and types of business and it is the wave that will enter each mind, each personal and business computer, and that will interact with each bank account.
    Again, we have knowledge and experience to make your online business work and succeed through best e-commerce solutions.

        • Payment online
        • Shipping methods
        • E-Catalogues
        • Marketing Promotions And Tools
        • Flexible coupons & pricing rules
        • Multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts
        • Recently viewed products
        • Up-sell in shopping cart
        • Admin dashboard & report overview
        • Sales report
        • Search terms report
        • Best viewed products report
        • Best purchased products report
        • Product reviews report
        • 100% search engine friendly
        • Google site map automatically generated
        • Product comparisons
        • Multiple images per product
        • Product image zoom-in
        • Stock availability
        • Product option selection
        • Grouped products view
        • Add to wish list functionality
        • Email to friend functionality
        • Ship to multiple addresses in one order
        • Recently ordered items
        • Default billing & shipping addresses
        • Newsletter subscription management

  • Website Design

    Relationship between art and business is very strange, as whenever business gets into real art, real art suffers, while real art is the best business ever!
    And this is where we shine, as we have real talented graphic designers who can create real and genuine art and at the same time we have excellent business knowledge, and that is how we can reflect your business beautifully in our state of art website designs.
    • Website redesign

      You have a website but you simply don’t like it, or people don’t like it, or it does not really reflect your business, and here we can design the right online business interface for you.

    • Social Media

            • Development of professional page at Facebook, Twitter, etc.
            • Link your website to your page on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. with automatic update
            • Link registry at your website with registry of social media: Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
            • Develop all kinds of forums: Social, Political, Personal, Educational, business, etc.
    • Online Applications

      Whatever your business or operation is, we can develop the proper online application for you to be launched and running from your website.

    • Web Portal Solutions

      We can develop the right web portal for the right user, whether you are an executive who wants to monitor his business in one window or a director / manager who needs to develop / manage the business from one screen, or an employee with tight time frame who wishes to do all of his tasks at one desktop, we can develop the proper web portal solution for you.

    • Mobile Compatible Websites

      Today there is a smart phone in every house and tomorrow there will be a smart phone in every hand, so making your website compatible with smart phones has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

    • Website maintenance

      You have developed your website, but you want it to keep running and you want to change it whenever you need to, so just give us this task and relax.