Ihsan – Prayer Times – Qibla

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Ihsan – Prayer Times – Qibla

1- Prayer Times, brings the region where you are present and can determine your location via the GPS or manually you can play this by setting a point on the map.

2- Azkar, one of the most important things needed by the user are Azkar and prayers such as morning and evening Azkar, etc.

3- Qibla, here you can detect your location , where all you need is to open the app and choose your place, then the app will determine the direction of Qibla.

4- Notification manager :

– Muezzin, reminds you of times of the five daily prayers at the time.
– Muzakir, remind you to read the morning and evening Azkar ..etc.
– Share, possibility share everything inside it with your friends on social networking such as Facebook whatsapp,viber,tango and Twitter.

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